Ward to meet brother, you also can like me

Xiao zhang and xiao wu is from guizhou province says ha tae-keung county, even in the same county, but two people don't know, talk about their fate, the two have to from here.

Xiao wu, 21 years old this year, appeared in 2013 because of a cold body edema, to the local inspection at the time of 2 + 3 +, occult blood protein, 24 hours urinary protein quantitative is 8.29 g, was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome.At a local hospital for a period of time after treatment, the illness did not improve.Then under the introduction of patients, he came to shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital, just to the hospital by checking for protein 2 + 4 +, occult blood, 24 hours urinary protein quantitative is 11.8 g, the doctor gave him liu adopted analysizes the features of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, after 25 days of treatment, protein and occult blood overcast, 24 hours urinary protein 0.17 g, and carriers of traditional Chinese medicine was released from the hospital, but he once every three months to review our, each time to review the result is negative, very good condition.

Zhang, this year 24 years old, he was in 2010 when his legs edema, to the local hospital protein 3 +, 24 hours urinary protein 4.85 g, was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, in the local hospital review protein 3 + 4 months, see treatment have no effect, zhang was released from the hospital.

Later, he joined the local nephrosis patient group, listen to the inside of the patients said shijiazhuang has a nice hospital treatment for kidney disease, just to try it.He came here, through our check protein 3 +, 24 hours urinary protein quantitative is 5.65 g, not only that, but he still has a full moon face, buffalo hump, abdominal skin purple stripes.Then through our foot bath, double kidney external treatment, oral medicine, 22 days symptoms disappear, review of the protein.Zhang not only restored the handsome appearance, protein also turns shade, with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) a happy home, but he needs to once every 2 months to our review.

In xiao wu seventh review, zhang third review, through their doctor touched, two people finally meet each other countrymen doctor liu said.The doctor told liu xiao zhang review condition is very good, can from review 2 months to 3 months at a time.Since then, two people are hand in hand to review.But this is only 2 months, both of them came, doctor liu was surprised, and review the days not to, also did not call ahead of time, what is going on?

In fact, because this time xiao wu, he stopped all of the traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, and are no setbacks, like normal people, this is dedicated to his doctor to send the pennants.And zhang or with xiao wu to this time, after all, two people know so long, so much communication, see xiao wu has been stopped, his heart is very eager to put the medicine has stopped completely, restore a normal life.

Through the review, zhang of 24 hours urinary protein quantitative is 0.06 g.Although proteins are within the normal range, but from the perspective of the physical condition of the whole, the doctor suggested chamberlain continue taking traditional Chinese medicine treatment, dosage, slowly cut down.But zhang see xiao wu has been restored, the medicine has stopped, he to treatment is more and more confident.Xiao zhang, however, after thinking about will someone to review, the in the mind very strange...