How to stop kidney drugs?

A lot of people after the illness with a period of medicine, will feel that is cured, so began to stop drug. Experts pointed out that in the treatment of patients with nephropathy, often ignore to take some drugs by the amount on time because the symptoms improved, especially hormone drugs, it makes a lot of side effects in the treatment of patients with better reduction are anxious to stop, in fact, if not in accordance with the doctor's advice to reduce and stop drugs, often bad for your disease conditions.

General in the course of treatment of regular nephropathy, hormone treatment of patients in accordance with the principles of hormone withdrawal, the amount of hormone dose decreased. Generally, doctors advised not to rush to stop hormone drugs, but should be reduced slowly in accordance with the condition of the treatment process.

Because the kidney is a long-term chronic disease, longer duration of slow recovery, recovery and structural change of glomerular function generally need six to nine months or so, so patients in the treatment of nephropathy during medication according to the doctor's, must take enough course, otherwise it may come to naught. Not only will bring long-term pain to patients, but also hinder the doctor's treatment ideas and treatment options.

At the same time in the treatment of nephropathy should actively prevent colds, prevent urinary tract infection caused by various conditions, while taking care not to overwork, in a calm mood, do not want to upset angry, long-term adherence to treatment, serious illness should not eat salt, mild patients to low salt diet, the intake about 3-5 grams per day at the same time, the positive tobacco and wine.

Kidney disease itself is not terrible, terrible is nephropathy in relax vigilance, no active treatment attitude, improvement or relaxation of drug use, not treated by doctor's advice and treatment, so as to delay the illness, lose the best timing of treatment, make patients with long-term pain. Therefore, please be sure to take the medicine according to the doctor's advice and get complete and thorough treatment in time.