Kazakhstan people come to China, why?

Nana from Kazakhstan, suffering from nephritis for 6 years, because the local has been unable to cure, so came to China to seek treatment. Admitted to hospital second days, Dr. Lee gave her a check, the urine protein quantitation of 24 hours to 1.18g.

The first few days, Nana is not very talkative, every time she is morose. Dr. Lee gave her the treatment plan, she was not interested, but also bought a home ticket. Doctor Li said, changed her mind......

"Must have confidence in treatment, nephritis is likely to improve! The reason why before has not controlled the illness, is because the treatment method is incorrect. In fact, nephritis this disease is mainly due to immune complex deposition in the glomerulus, so it will lead to protein has not dropped. Want to treat nephritis fundamentally, we must start from the elimination of immune complexes......"

Nana seems to understand the words of Dr Lee, the final ticket change, she decided to cooperate with medical treatment.

Although Chinese medicine is bitter, Nana still insist on drinking every day. These days, Dr Lee also let her have a medicated bath to promote blood circulation, to absorb the drug better.

After treatment, Nana's immune complex in the kidney gradually excreted, her index dropped to 0.72g. This make her have more confident for docking treatment. Treatment has effect, her sullen face gradually smile.

Glad to see Nana change this time. I believe that after a period of consolidation treatment, she can go home safely!