Chronic renal failure and uremia

Male | 44 year old 

Health Advisory Description: Hello doctor! I was the patient's family, my uncle has chronic renal failure, these two days is seizures: headache, headache, weakness, and nosebleeds. We went to the hospital to check the doctor said to be renal failure: uremia is too high, now belongs to the late, can only rely on dialysis to maintain.

Once treatment and effect: the body has not been very good!

I want you to give me some advice. As for the treatment of this weathe or not there is  hope of complete treatment?

Condition analysis:

Hello, uremia renal failure need to adhere to long-term regular dialysis, because at this stage, normal renal function has been less than 10%. creatinine level is 707,  belongs to uremia, need regular dialysis, dialysis is actually working instead of kidney. If creatinine is not high, conservative treatment may be considered.

Directive opinion:

Suggested the patient as soon as possible go to the hospital, with the doctor's treatment, to reduce complications.