Combine traditional Chinese and western medicine and cure a

Hidden kidney disease crisis

Tom is 28 years old. One day, on the way to work he fell in a faint suddenly. He was sent to hospital then. After a check, the doctor said his kidney function has already got into stage of exhaustion. Tom has already got uremia. It is always seen in our daily life that a person is very health and suddenly he gets an serious uremia.

Choose a best hospital

Tom's disease has already got into a later period and it is better to change a kidney. But changing a kidney is very paint for patients. For the cost is expensive and it is very difficult to find a suitable renal source.Tom was recommended by his friends to a professional hospital called Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. Experts came from Germany and American check Tom's body thoroughly and had a special meeting. After the meeting, all the experts insisted that it was not suit to do dialysis and change kidney. They thought combine traditional Chinese and western medicine and use immune balance therapy can treat his disease. Doctors make this method for specific patient by the patient's personal idiosyncrasy、course of disease and pathology. They adjust the scheme timely.

Tom has already stay in the hospital for some time and his body condition became very well. If he insists for a further time,he will be OK.

The reason why Tom can regain his health so soon is that he received the Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital' treatment. This hospital use the management idea, namely”prior treatment、under treatment、posttreatment”. They see the inside and outside environment which the patients' body in as a total environment. For example, they pay attention to body adjustment、medicine adjustment、mood adjustment and diet adjustment to treat the illness gradually.