End-Stage Renal Disease Patients from Nigeria



David is a male from Nigeria. He is suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) for years, and he receives dialysis for one year due to the high serum creatinine.


Before treatment

“Actually, I was sick for almost 10 years. Initially, I had high uric acid. Later my serum creatinine becomes too high and doctor suggests me to receive dialysis, since then I start to receive dialysis and it continue for one year.” Said David.

During the past few years, he almost no urine, his urine volume reduce little by little. His doctor said that there is no other choice except receive dialysis. he receives dialysis day by day, however, his doctor said that if the dialysis does not helpful for her, he needs to receive kidney transplant. As we all know, kidney transplant is very expensive and it may have many complications, so he does not want to receive kidney transplant. When he saw our TCM treatment online, he decided to come to China to receive treatment.

 Treatment: Various Dialysis Technologies: Hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, Micro-Chinese Medicine, Foot Bath and so on.

After the treatment:

“When I came here, the kidney experts team formulate a treatment protocols. After few days, my condition becomes better and better. Before I am coming here I didn’t have urine at daytime. But now, no matter night or daytime, my urine volume is normal. During the 20 days, I feel my body has great improvement. I am very satisfied with the curative effect of treatment and service. And also my illness condition is becoming better and I can living a happy and healthy life. I hope everybody who have the same illness like me can try this treatment and your condition will becomes better and better. Those traditional Chinese medicine treatments can help more and more patients! Good luck to everybody!”