What environment can cause kidney disease

Speaking of Guizhou, what do you think of? How about Zunyi meeting or Huangguoshu Waterfall? However, today we are not talk about these, we talk about Mr. Wu from Zunyi.

Mr. Wu, 53 years old, work in an electronics factory, has a fixed income, life is good. In the company's popularity is also very good, is a very humorous person, they all like him very much. In July this year, the company organized all the staff physical examination; Mr. Wu thought although his body is normal as usual, have a medical examination is not a bad thing.


If not take this examination he did not find something wrong, after examination, the doctor told him protein 1+, occult blood 1+, urea nitrogen 8.72mmol/L, creatinine level 134μmol/L and uric acid is 547μmol/L, and the kidney appeared diffuse lesions, the left renal size is about 82*40mm, the size of right kidney was about 83*36mm, was diagnosed as Uric acid nephropathy, Compensatory stage of chronic renal failure. In the doctor's advice, Mr. Wu began to follow the doctor's advice to take medicine on time almost 3 months, during this time also conducted a number of review creatinine fluctuations in the 129 - 134μmol/L, uric acid wave in 266 - 547μmol/L, for such treatment, his mood is very low

By a chance, Mr. Wu heard a man of neighboring village also have kidney disease, even worse than he, but the effect is very good. Listen to this words, Mr. Wu found the man, one is look at the effect of treatment whether really good; two is to ask for hospital. After a conversation, the patients with nephropathy told Mr. Wu, “I am no treatment in there, I went to Hebei, a little far, if you don't mind, I'll give you the doctor’s information and you can give him the first contact, talk about your situation.”



Mr. Wu came to our hospital after communication with his family.

When he first came here, Dr. Zhao communicates with him and learned about his condition, but Mr. Wu said: "I found it by the examination, and ordinary my body doesn’t have any symptom". Then, through the inspection, found that 121 creatinine 121μmol/L and uric acid is 483μmol/L, the color Doppler ultrasound report showed Mr. Wu’s double kidney diffuse disease, renal atrophy and right renal cyst.

Mr. Wu got sick because of environment, the long-term work in electrical appliance factory, resulting in the body's immune ability decline, make the body's ability to eliminate oxygen free radicals weakly, a large amount of oxygen free radical accumulation in the body, and formation large amounts of toxic blood, these can caused immune inflammatory reaction induced by various types of renal inflammation.

For half a month through the therapy of Chinese medicine in our hospital, creatinine were reduced to 92μmol/L, and uric acid decreased to 303μmol/L, all returned to normal, for such treatment, Mr. Wu decided to consolidate treatment for a few days.

From Mr. Wu we can see, it is necessary to have a regular health examination, seemingly healthy people should also be a year or at least two years to have a physical examination. Through physical examination, people can get effective warning and health protection.


Author:An Lin