Suffering from uremia and start dialysis, is it necessary to

Some patients with uremia think: "There is no need to care about kidneys, just leave it to dialysis machine." This is not a good idea. Because dialysis machine discharged creatinine accounted for 60% for uremic dialysis patients, and 40% of creatinine is excreted by the kidneys. In other words, the residual renal function can both excreted some urine output, but also reduce complications, it can make people live more comfortable.

Even if the residual renal function is only 2%, it can still afford peritoneal dialysis total removal of 30%, so many patients underestimate the renal function at this time, the kidney evolved in the vertebrate hundreds of millions of years, even enter into declining years, the unit efficiency is many time higher than dialysis.

How to protect the residual kidney function?

In addition to antihypertensive and anti-infection, still need to use nephrotoxic drugs with caution, such as gentamicin, kanamycin, tobramycin and so on. Early stage of dialysis chose peritoneal dialysis, renal function decline rate of hemodialysis is twice as much of peritoneal dialysis.

There are primary kidney disease, uremia dialysis period, kidney disease is still continuing to develop. As long as necessary, primary kidney disease should continue to be treated.

Patients who had been dialysis for 10 years had more symptoms than those who had just started dialysis, precisely because of the disappearance of residual renal function. Residual renal function can be administered not only before dialysis but also after dialysis.