Is uremia related to age?

Uremia may occurs in every age group, and the kidney disease in every age group is afraid of uremia.

So, is uremia really related to age?

In fact, uremia is not related to age, but it is closely related to a number of diseases. People who suffer from these diseases are prone to suffer from uremia.

For example, the young people, living standards improve, the pressure of survival increases, many young people will have bad habits, easy to induce nephritis.

Nephritis is a very insidious disease, even if a few symptoms are also easily ignored by careless young people, which leads to kidney damage more and more serious, and eventually developed into renal failure, uremia.

The middle-aged and elderly people are more likely to suffer from diabetes and hypertension, etc., and the long-term non control will cause kidney damage, and some people will eventually deteriorate to uremia.

Although uremia is not aimed at age, but each age group of patients should do the following to prevent:

1. pay attention to observation, when have symptoms, timely medical treatment:

The data showed that about 45% of the cases developed from chronic kidney disease to uremia. Therefore, both patients and ordinary people should be rid of kidney injury, pay attention to observe the daily symptoms.

General nephropathy will be issued the "signal" including JingJiuBuSan bubble urine, body fatigue, high blood pressure, easily tired long eyelids or with mild edema of lower extremity. If these symptoms often occur, it is best to go to the hospital as soon as possible, early treatment control.

2. regular physical examination, control blood pressure and blood sugar:

The disease often occurs in negligence, so please nephropathy patients adhere to referral review even, just do a urine test, can also know their own nephropathy in a timely manner, and get a doctor's next instruction.

Blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids and other blood indicators are very important for the recovery of kidney disease. Patients should keep low salt, low fat diet, exercise regularly, take medicine on time, and don't be affected by small problems.

Patients must strengthen the treatment of confidence, actively cooperate with the doctor for regular treatment, if you have any questions about the disease need detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts will reply as soon as possible.