What are the side effects of uremia dialysis treatment?

When it comes to uremia, most patients with nephropathy have a very fearful attitude. Even some patients who are emotionally pessimistic think they have no need of treatment and no treatment because they have uremia, but this idea is totally wrong . Dialysis treatment is one of the most common uremic treatments and the next is to introduce you to the side effects of dialysis.

Side effects of uremia dialysis treatment

1, low blood pressure

Hypotension is one of the most common side effects of hemodialysis, with an incidence of 20% -40%. Hypotension occurred for many reasons, the majority of this hypotension occurs at the beginning of the dialysis after the late. The decline in post-dialysis blood music due to ultrafiltration or acetate dialysate inappropriate due.

2, dialysis imbalance syndrome

The incidence was 3.4% -20%. Side effects of hemodialysis are mainly nausea, vomiting, irritability, etc., severe cases may have convulsions, coma, and even death. Light treatment without treatment; severe treatment is mainly given immediately hypertonic solution, such as mannitol, 50% glucose or 3% sodium chloride 10 ml, albumin can also be lost, if necessary, sedatives and other symptomatic treatment, more serious cases Stop dialysis.

3, muscle spasms

Is one of the more common side effects of hemodialysis, the incidence of 10% -15%, the main part of the placenta, foot, other parts of the upper extremity and abdominal muscles. The reason is not yet very clear, may be related to tissue hypoxia, hypocalcemia and relatively insufficient blood circulation.

4, arrhythmia

The incidence of about 50%, as early as ventricular premature ejaculation. Causes of side effects of hemodialysis are coronary heart disease, failure, pericarditis, severe anemia, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders, hypoxemia, hypotension and drugs. Treatment: Due to symptomatic treatment, but need to pay attention to drug retention and toxicity in dialysis patients.