How to exercise in uremic patients

In addition to active treatment of uremia, but also need to cooperate with a reasonable exercise and a healthy diet in order to make the disease as soon as possible improved. Many uremic patients do not know what to do exercise, how to proceed. The following experts please tell us about how to exercise uremic patients reasonable.

Uremic patients in their own toxins difficult to discharge, so when the movement is more inconvenient than ordinary people, so many patients do not have the habit of exercise. However, the lack of exercise will accelerate the body's decline, therefore, in order to maintain the vitality and function of the various organs of the patient's body, the patient also need to under the guidance of a doctor appropriate exercise. In general, uremic patients in the movement to pay attention to the following aspects:

1, it is best to carry out aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, cycling, upper limb strength training;

2, the amount of exercise to gradually increase, step by step, adhere to a few days later gradually increase the amount of exercise;

3, to develop a training goal, such as the target can be set in the weekly aerobic exercise 3 times, each time 30 minutes;

4, for peritoneal dialysis patients, the ban on football, basketball, high-intensity exercise.

Through the above description of the content, we have a reasonable exercise for uremic patients should have some understanding of it Hope that friends can understand, you can reasonably do some exercise.