What is the treatment of uremia?

Uremia is caused by a variety of chronic diseases caused by serious damage to the kidney unit, so that the body in the excretion of metabolism and regulation of water, electrolytes, acid-base balance and other aspects of the clinical syndrome syndrome group, the prognosis is serious, is an important cause of death one.

1, peritoneal dialysis

It is the body's own peritoneum as a dialysis membrane for blood purification. First, the patient's abdominal cavity into the dialysis solution, the excess water in the blood and toxins through the peritoneum into the dialysate and then through the dialysis solution can be excreted. This method should be regularly or constantly changing the dialysate, so as to achieve the purpose of blood purification.

2, kidney transplantation

The other person's kidneys through the surgical method of implantation of the patient's body, so that the kidneys play a normal function. Implanted kidneys can completely replace the function of the sick kidney, uremic treatment is the best effect, the overall cost of the lowest treatment, is currently agreed that the best treatment of uremia.

3, hemodialysis

The patient's blood and dialysis fluid at the same time into the dialyzer membrane at both ends, through the semipermeable membrane to filter the metabolism of waste in the blood, to maintain the balance of electrolyte and acid and alkali, and excrete excess water in the body. Hemodialysis method can only replace the function of the kidney to a certain extent, is currently a widely used in the treatment of uremia.

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What is the treatment of uremia