Why uremia patient appear anaemic?

Many people do not know why uremia patients have anemia, so in the treatment of time, often not too much attention to this aspect, in this case, the final treatment will not be too good. Here's why uremia patients appear anemia?

Uremia patients prone to anemia, there are reasons:

The kidney produces a decrease in epo. Human red blood cell production and maturation requires a stimulation hormone erythropoietin, the stimulation of hormone synthesis in the kidney, if kidney function damage occurs, then the synthesis of this hormone will decrease, so that the red blood cells cannot generate and mature, and lead to anemia.

Inhibition of red blood cell proliferation by uremic toxins in the blood. In uremia, the body can accumulate large amounts of toxins, some of which are toxic to the bone marrow, can inhibit the hematopoiesis of the bone marrow, so that red blood cells can not be generated, causing anemia.

Shortened erythrocyte life span. In uremic patients, due to the role of uremic toxins, red blood cell life expectancy is significantly lower than normal people.

Bleeding: including epistaxis, gingival bleeding, skin mucosal bleeding and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Blood loss and frequent blood sampling during hemodialysis in hemodialysis patients. These factors overlap and lead to anemia.

Anemia if not corrected, will cause a series of complications, such as fatigue, memory loss, decreased activity, anorexia, abnormal cardiac structure, cardiac insufficiency. Therefore, it needs to be corrected in time. The treatment of renal anemia include supplemental erythropoietin, supplementation with iron and folic acid, strengthen dialysis treatment etc.. Such as anemia is very serious, and appear cardiac dysfunction, can also be transfusion, less blood, can quickly correct anemia, reduce the heart burden.