Does hydronephrosis cause uremia?

Hydronephrosis occurs when the obstruction occurs at the junction of the renal pelvis and ureter, resulting in retention of urine and hydronephrosis. The expansion of the renal pelvis and calyces are prone to infection, cause kidney will atrophy, if the kidney function was largely destroyed, then there is likely to cause uremia appear. After the occurrence of uremia, treatment will be more difficult than the simple treatment of hydronephrosis, there will be the risk of life.

Hydronephrosis is a very serious disease that can cause more serious disease if not treated in time, especially in the kidneys. Once the kidneys are destroyed, it can lead to diseases such as uremia that directly threaten life.

When treating hydronephrosis, if the patient with hydronephrosis is younger, the condition is mild and the obstruction is not serious, conservative treatment can be observed. If you find the condition is aggravating, it is necessary to timely surgical method to treat, so as not to delay the disease.

Surgical treatment of hydronephrosis is a commonly used method, when the treatment of patients with relatively mild obstruction, only to do corrective surgery on it. If the pelvis is dilated, then the resection of the pelvis and the narrow portion of the pelvis is needed. In more severe cases, the kidneys are removed.

The symptoms of hydronephrosis can still be treated and will be cured. However, if the treatment is not timely, resulting in uremia after the occurrence of treatment is not so simple. So be sure to take active treatment when hydronephrosis occurs.