Got uremia, must dialytic?

Uremic patients are suffering from uremic serious harm, physical, psychological, and seek the most effective treatment to control the disease, slow down the disease, to ensure the quality of life is the aspiration of the majority of patients.

Hypertension, hypertension, anemia, hypocalcemia, acidosis, nausea, vomiting, edema, etc., because of various causes of renal ischemia and hypoxia, renal inherent cells degeneration Necrosis, renal fibrosis, renal function gradually lost, kidney detoxification, endocrine, regulating acid-base balance, concentrated urine, barrier function and other significant reduction.

Therefore, in order to get rid of uremia dialysis or prolong dialysis time, the only way is to block the renal fibrosis, protect the remaining kidney units, reverse renal function, repair damaged kidney cells, and gradually restore the kidney detoxification capacity, Detoxification to achieve with the daily metabolism of the body of creatinine, urea nitrogen balance, so far away from dialysis or kidney. Can get rid of dialysis, depending on the number of organs stored in the kidney, and damage to the extent of damage to the inherent cells of the kidney, as long as enough to keep the kidney unit, damaged cells in place to repair, you can get rid of dialysis or kidney therapy.

However, most of them have just entered uremic patients, there is a serious misunderstanding in the treatment of uremia, spend a lot of money, eat a lot of medicine, line hemodialysis, but symptomatic treatment, not fundamentally repair damaged kidney cells, recovery Kidney itself, detoxification capacity, resulting in residual kidney cells continue to necrosis, further deterioration of renal function, missed the kidney repair reversible, and ultimately can only do uremia dialysis, kidney therapy.