Please give me a general weakness of uremic anemia treatment

In general no effort, eyes blurred always love to sleep, a little anemia. Please give me some treatment suggestions!

Expert reply

Li Huanyou, hello. With your current information provided is very serious kidney failure. You mentioned to get some treatment recommendations. Because of the information you provide is limited so only give you some guidelines on treatment recommendations. First of all, whether you are acute or chronic renal failure, treatment is a long in the process, must have confidence in the treatment of disease! Second is to improve the anemia status, because you do not know the level of hemoglobin, if there is severe anemia blood transfusion should be improved as soon as possible such as mild anemia, anemia can give erythropoietin treatment. The cause of third liters of blood is actively looking for renal failure, to improve the treatment for the cause.

At present in our hospital for treatment of uremia by VHP cell activation therapy, this therapy is the external therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine treatment in essence based on the integration of modern electronic pulse technology, the famous TCM prescription purification effect on kidney external skin, in the use of modern electronic pulse technology, the drug target of high concentration to transport ions to the kidney, kidney through improving the blood microcirculation in patients with further repair damaged kidney tissue, recovery of renal function, to achieve the purpose of treatment!