Advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment

Through the overall conditioning to improve physical fitness, enhance disease resistance and disease resistance

Protect residual kidney function

Although uremic patients have entered the final stage of renal failure, but there are 5% -15% residual renal function exists, and this area of 5% -15% is very important, can help patients to discharge part of the water, toxins, Thus greatly reducing the acute complications of uremia to patients with the harm, the dependence on dialysis dehydration can be reduced. Some scientific experiments and clinical studies have confirmed that Chinese medicine has a better role in the protection of residual renal function, rational treatment of Chinese medicine and health care, can significantly alleviate the loss of residual renal function in uremic patients, to the patient's long-term health benefit.

Promote the full excretion of toxins

Uremic toxins a lot of types of dialysis treatment can only partially replace the body's normal kidney function, so long as the body can promote the full release of toxins, will give patients the health of the value. Chinese medicine can promote excretion from a variety of ways, the ancient Chinese literature there are "open ghosts, clean government", "through the government by evil", "Chung spit" and many "exorcism" method. At present, the researchers found that the body through sweating, vomiting, defecation method can actually exclude many of the body of toxins, so through traditional Chinese medicine treatment, so that uremic patients reasonable sweating, increase stool excretion, and even when necessary vomiting, are Can accelerate the body's toxins in patients with a comprehensive excretion, thereby improving the patient's overall condition, improve the comprehensive treatment of efficacy.

Regulate endocrine function

Uremic patients due to the long-term erosion of toxins, metabolic disorders, their own endocrine function has also been severely damaged, endocrine disorders and often bring a variety of illnesses, so that patients' lives are more seriously affected. Because of the complexity of the disease, organ function is low, many of the effective regulation of endocrine Western medicine is often difficult to really use in place, so Chinese medicine is often a better choice, through the dialectical treatment of Chinese medicine, patients with many complex problems will become Much simpler.

Reduce the side effects of western medicine and dialysis treatment

Dialysis is the most important and effective treatment of uremic patients, but dialysis treatment itself has some negative effects, such as: increased heart, lung, brain function decline, affect hemodynamic stability, increase the loss of nutrients, resulting in the body of the Elements of the imbalance, the use of Chinese medicine can reduce the dialysis brought a variety of negative problems, improve the overall efficacy of dialysis treatment. In the treatment of uremic complications must be combined with a variety of Western medicine, the combination of many drugs often increase the burden of organs, bringing some unnecessary negative effects, therefore, the rational use of Chinese medicine to participate in treatment and conditioning, can reduce Western medicine dosage and variety, to reduce the side effects of some drugs to improve the comprehensive treatment of uremic patients safe.