Common causes of uremic with epilepsy in patients

Epilepsy is one of the serious complications of uremia in patients with uremia, if complicated with epilepsy, often more serious illness, the prognosis is poor, prone to accidents, death and disability and high mortality, causes of uremia patients with epilepsy are as follows.

1, uremic encephalopathy can cause epilepsy

When all kinds of medium and small molecular uremic toxins, such as urea, creatinine, phenols, indole accumulation, water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders, hypertension, infection, has obvious neurotoxicity, other substances including some not yet identified the toxins, can cause uremic encephalopathy caused by epilepsy. Such as adequate dialysis, timely discharge of toxins in the body, monitoring and maintenance of electrolyte and acid-base balance, can avoid the occurrence of epilepsy.

2, brain edema can cause epilepsy

Uremic patients due to long-term urinary protein loss and insufficient protein intake, often associated with hypoalbuminemia, mainly hypoproteinemia severe edema, severe hypoproteinemia can cause brain edema, leading to increased intracranial pressure, cause seizures, so uremia patients should be timely correction of hypoproteinemia, to prevent the occurrence of epilepsy.

3, internal disorder caused by epilepsy

After dialysis, the pH value and the rapid change of electrolyte can cause epilepsy. The main causes include: the spirit of uremic patients on hemodialysis of tension, fear, pain and aspiration of hypertensive encephalopathy and dialysis imbalance, some antibiotics such as the main cause of hypocalcemia, acidosis and hyperkalemia neuromuscular excitability increased induced epilepsy, a large number of glucocorticoids can increase the excitability of central nervous system to induce epileptic seizure.