7 matters needing attention in acupuncture

If you want to pay attention to acupuncture, we will come to understand the 7 points of attention of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture.

7 matters needing attention in acupuncture

1, too tired, the spirit of a high degree of tension, hunger is not suitable for acupuncture; the elderly should be taken to the weak lying position, take appropriate points less, the hand should be light.

2, pregnant women should not be excessive, abdominal acupuncture, lumbosacral and can cause uterine contraction such as acupoint Hegu and Sanyinjiao, Kunlun, to ban Yin acupuncture.

3 children, because they do not meet the general, no needle. Fontanelle and Fengfu and yamen acupoint needling forbidden infants.

4, patients with hemorrhagic disease, or often spontaneous bleeding, after the injury is not easy to stop bleeding, not acupuncture.

5, skin infection, ulcer, scar and tumor site without acupuncture.

6, eye area, kidney area, chest and back, neck, stomach ulcers, intestinal adhesion and obstruction in patients with abdominal, urinary retention in patients with pubic symphysis region of acupuncture should grasp the depth and angle, disable the piercing, prevent organ injury.

7, acupuncture does have an excellent efficacy of certain diseases, but is not a panacea, especially in the treatment of some acute illness, should adopt comprehensive treatment in a timely manner according to the situation, it will be beneficial to the patient, but also can give full play to the role of acupuncture.

In short, in the whole process of treatment, doctors are serious and responsible for the patient, serious and careful, focusing on the prevention of accidents is an important link.