For patients with uremia diet restriction is easy to cause n

Uremic diet some families of patients have some wrong understanding, the correct collocation uremic diet is very unfavorable, serious may also exacerbate the deterioration of the condition, we need to pay special attention to. What are the common dietary errors of uremia?
In the daily diet, nutrients other than protein need not be restricted. Elderly patients with uremia often combined with other diseases, so the uremic diet should be adjusted accordingly.
Dietary restrictions, is a common misunderstanding of the diet of uremia. Although patients with uremia need to limit the intake of protein, but not to prohibit the intake of protein. In fact, uremia patients, especially those who are thinner, the diet of oil and starch should be increased appropriately, in order to supply enough heat to reduce body protein decomposition.
All patients with uremia need to limit the intake of protein, also belong to the wrong diet. In fact, such as regular dialysis in uremic patients, including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, and the general situation is good, no need to emphasize the restriction of protein intake, diet can be the same with the ordinary people, but the intake of protein in animal protein, try to eat or not eat peanuts, soybeans and soy products such as vegetable protein.