How to prevent uremia of different nephropathy?

Chronic nephritis prevent uremia

(1) positive treatment of chronic nephritis, avoid drugs too much, a lot of drugs have a certain renal toxicity, not only cannot have very good treatment effect but will put more and more serious;

(2) must do regular check, it is necessary;

(3) the reasonable diet;No edema and hypertension patients has unlimited, appropriately increase the moisture in order to increase urine output to discharge toxins in the body;

(4) the healthy state of mind; Don't too stressed in order to avoid to make psychological factors to promote the development of kidney disease;Pay attention to rest, avoid excessive overworked so as not to aggravate the development;Develop good habits and customs and so on.

Prevention of IGA Nephropathy

(1) prevent inflammatory diseases (mainly for the cold, infection);

(2) get into the habit of daily exercise, give priority to with aerobic exercise, to avoid strenuous exercise;

(3) nephrotoxicity drugs avoided;Consult our professional doctor;

(4) periodically check kidney function;

(5) pay attention to diet (mainly competent doctor).

Renal Cyst prevent uremia

Renal cyst generally will not affect kidney function, so does not cause uremia, but still need to check the detection of renal cyst, always pay attention to the development of renal cyst.

Ploycystic Kidney Disease prevent uremia

(1) early found early treatment;

(2) to keep good mood, mix work and rest;

(3) eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, quit smoking wine, proper motion, avoid fatigue;

(4) away from renal toxic substances.

Nephrotic syndrome prevent uremia

(1) the positive treatment, the earlier treatment begins, the better.

(2) limit high potassium foods,Such as spinach, water spinach, seaweed, kelp, carrot and so on vegetables,Banana, jujube, orange fruit, persimmon, tomato, and so on.

(3) avoid or away from renal toxic substances;

(4) sufficient rest, avoid to increase burden kidney.

Diabetic Nephropathy prevent uremia

(1) to control high blood pressure and blood sugar;

(2) diet moderation;

(3) the prevention of various infections;

(4) avoid tiredness and vigorous activities;

(5) the positive treatment of the primary disease;

(6) to avoid renal toxic substances.

Lupus nephropathy prevent uremia

(1) lupus nephropathy is a kind of immune disease, attaches great importance to the constitution;

(2) positive treatment of virus infection;

(3) pay attention to the renal toxicity;

(4) to avoid sun exposure.

Purpura renal disease prevent uremia

(1) the positive treatment, generally use of hormone therapy, its side effects are big, so we avoid hormone therapy, insteaded of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment;

(2) the fast sensitization food, eat blood tonic food, high vitamin C food;

(3) avoid using drugs can reduce platelet;Such as: cephalosporins, aspirin, rifampicin, quinine, quinidine and so on.Avoid the use of inhibiting platelet function drugs;Such as: dipyridamole, dextran, etc.

(4) close observation.The disease occurs in children, so closely observe bleeding, blood loss and anemia.Pay attention to clean skin, avoid by all means fingernails scratching, in order to avoid infection.

Renal insufficiency prevent uremia

(1) reasonable protein;

(2) reduce phosphorus intake;

(3) strict control the intake of salt,

(4) careful with renal damage drugs.

Kidney failure prevent uremia

(1) the positive treatment, select the appropriate treatment;

(2) strict diet, actively cooperate with the doctor's orders.

(3) to avoid high blood pressure, kidney further damage;

(4) regular inspection and pay attention to kidney dynamic and physical symptoms.