What are the reasons cause of the child to develop children'

Children's kidney disease seriously affects children's health, the child's body resistance is poor, so it's easy to develop the condition. So what are the causes of children's kidney disease? Below is the relevant experts to make detailed answers.

1, the uplink infection: such children kidney disease reasons, the most common bacteria through the urethra, bladder, upward invasion of kidney and ureter. Urinary tract obstruction or urinary retention is a common cause,.

Infected site near 2, direct spread: kidney direct spread to the kidneys, such as renal abscesses, psoas major around, it also belongs to one of the reasons for kidney disease in children.

Line 3, blood infection: bacteria after the blood and into the kidney, such as sepsis were the cause of children's kidney disease.

The above is an introduction to the cause of children's kidney disease, believe that everyone should be kidney disease have a certain understanding for children. If you want to know more about children's kidney disease, please consult the online experts.