Doctor told you whether iga nephropathy can pregnant!

In fact, chronic kidney disease can be normally delivery. The key is to see what kind of kidney disease, as well as the severity of the disease, whether accompanied by hypertension, proteinuria, and the degree of renal dysfunction. Kidney patients can be pregnant, depending on the type of kidney disease and disease levels.

Chronic nephropathy in pregnant women pregnancy Note:

1, chronic kidney disease patients, such as no hypertension, normal renal function, you can pregnancy;

2, patients with chronic kidney disease before pregnancy after kidney and obstetrics and gynecology doctors on the condition, the body after the assessment, the pregnancy will have to get the doctor's consent in advance;

3, there is only a small amount of chronic occult nephritis proteinuria, hypertension, no renal dysfunction in patients with renal disease, in strict medical supervision may allow pregnancy.

4, patients with chronic kidney disease must check urine routine during pregnancy, blood pressure, check renal function, especially in late pregnancy should check 2 times a week urine routine, daily measurement of blood pressure, check the renal function every 1-2 weeks. If there is a substantial increase in urinary protein, blood pressure was significantly higher trend, renal function decline, should be immediately treated or even terminate the pregnancy.

In fact, the treatment of nephropathy should be a systematic project, including general treatment, mainly diet, rest, environmental regulation, etc., of which diet is very important; Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease and Western medicine treatment of kidney disease, although the theory is different, but there is indeed a common place For example, there are immune regulation, there are anticoagulants, there are prevention and treatment of infection. Drug treatment of kidney disease, it should be the treatment of Integrative medicine.