Can lupus nephritis be treated with hormones?

Hormone treatment of lupus nephritis appears to be the best short-term Western medicine. At the same time after a large number of lupus nephritis in patients with clinical studies have shown that adrenal cortex hormones in the treatment of lupus nephritis in a short time the use of low-dose can control the symptoms of lupus nephritis, nephropathy, nephropathy progressive kidney disease Treatment is very difficult.

Both prednisone and methyl prednisone in the treatment of lupus nephritis has a negligible role for the temporary relief of the patient's condition has an important role. However, the side effects of steroid treatment of lupus nephritis still cause a high degree of attention:

Hormonal treatment of lupus nephritis, there are seven main side effects,

First, upper gastrointestinal bleeding;

Second, high blood sugar, resulting in steroid diabetes.

Third, high blood pressure, hormones lead to body fluids, sodium (salt) retention, can not be excreted, which is equivalent to intravascular "water level increase", the pressure increases, of course, increased blood pressure.

Fourth, osteoporosis, which is hormone treatment of lupus nephritis is a common first-person response. Severe lupus nephritis patients after high-dose hormones there will be bone necrosis and other complications.

Fifth, low immunity, so that patients with lupus nephritis fatigue, susceptible to cold, repeated unhealed.

Sixth, the spirit of excitement. After many patients medication, highly excited, up to several months can not sleep.

Seven is the long-term high-dose hormones will cause fat redistribution, the performance of the full moon face, buffalo hump, thin legs but fat torso.

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