How to avoid pyelonephritis after pregnancy?

Pyelonephritis is a common disease in life, more and more patients with pyelonephritis. Then how to avoid pyelonephritis after pregnancy? Next, let the experts to analyze the next, after pregnancy to avoid pyelonephritis in the end what, so that we no longer unfamiliar to it.

1, pregnant women to strengthen the appropriate physical exercise, enhance the body resistance to disease, to prevent the occurrence of the disease, pregnant women to avoid pyelonephritis after pregnancy drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, to increase urine output, The growth and reproduction of bacteria. If suffering from pyelonephritis, should be promptly to the relevant kidney disease specialist hospital for treatment, not delay, to prevent the disease worse.

2, in order to protect the health of pregnant women and fetuses, pregnancy to avoid pyelonephritis pregnant women should pay attention to health, to maintain the health of external genitalia, ground panties, wash the bath, rub the stool from front to back, so as not to contaminate the urethra.

The above is the experts for everyone to introduce to avoid pyelonephritis after pregnancythe, we should pay attention to the hope that the above content can help you, such as your pregnancy to avoid pyelonephritis after the other methods there are other questions, please consult online Experts, experts will give you a detailed answer.