How does nephritis treat the effect well?

Glomerular nephritis occurred in most cases of streptococcal infection after 2 ~ 3 weeks ago had pharyngitis, tonsillitis and other infections, can see the morning eyelid edema, severe edema and systemic. Even in the presence of hydrothorax, ascites, shortness of breath and abdominal distension, some patients increased blood pressure and headache, urine testing almost all contain proteinuria.

Glomerulonephritis is a diffuse or focal inflammatory change of the bilateral glomeruli caused by various etiologies. A group of primary glomerular diseases with a slow onset, a long course of disease, and a slow progression of disease. Before the onset of glomerulonephritis with upper respiratory infection or other infections, a chronic nephritis may be caused by acute poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis evolved, but the majority of chronic nephritis and acute nephritis is not persistent, while the other primary glomerular disease and persistent progress into onset is chronic nephritis.

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Detoxification therapy is effective in the treatment of glomerulonephritis, relapse prevention, detoxification therapy is a combination of Chinese and Western medicine, to solve the shortcomings of traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine treatment of pure glomerulonephritis, compared with the traditional technology a short course of treatment, the curative effect is stable, quick, low cost, no recurrence of the clinical advantages since the application, kidney disease has been lifted for nearly 10000 patients.

Detoxification therapy is to remove toxins from the patient's body and restore the damaged cells in the kidney. This technique can activate the blood cell immune activity and achieve the purpose of repairing the renal function.

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