Diet notes for chronic nephritis

Chronic nephritis is a group of glomerular diseases characterized by chronic glomerular diseases with multiple etiologies, which the dietary requirements is very high, so the chronic nephritis diet what matters is we need to understand, the following let’s experts from kidney disease hospital to give us introduction.

What are the considerations of chronic nephritis? Department of nephrology in our hospital experts pointed out that the symptoms of chronic nephritis, longer duration of illness change is large, so in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis in the diet in addition to some principles of acute nephritis, also should focus on chronic glomerulonephritis disease change diet:

1, diet should provide light and digestible low salt or salt free food, especially in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis, edema, oliguria, hypertension or heart failure, also should avoid salt.

2, hematuria in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis, should eat more yin foods, cooling blood to stop bleeding. Such as black fungus, lily, shepherd's purse, carp, turtle etc..

3, the diet should increase the intake of protein, protein supplement high food, such as milk, soy milk and so on. But when chronic glomerulonephritis develops uremia, a low protein diet should be used, with a daily intake of less than 30 grams.

4, the diet should not eat chili, garlic, leeks, alcohol and other irritating food containing oxalic acid and many vegetables, such as spinach etc..

The above is the introduction of chronic nephritis diet related notes, hoping to help all patients with nephritis. Grasp the above principles of chronic nephritis diet, can help to regulate dietary nutrition, and further promote the recovery of the disease. If you have any other kidney problems, you can consult with our online experts.