The classification of glomerulonephritis hematuria

What is glomerular glomeruloscopy?

Hematuria is abnormal erythrocyte excretion of urine, urinary system may have a serious disease signal. Centrifugal precipitation in the urine per high magnification field of view ≥ 3 red blood cells, or non-centrifugal urine more than 1 or 1 hour urine erythrocyte count more than 10 million, or 12 hours urine sediment count more than 500,000, showed abnormal red blood cells in urine, It is called hematuria. Light is only seen under the mirror red blood cells, known as microscopic hematuria; severe appearance was washed meat or blood clots containing blood, known as gross hematuria. Usually 1ml of blood per liter of urine that is visible to the naked eye, urine was washed or washed meat samples.

What is glomerular glomeruloscopy hematuria

The amount of blood in urine is more than the normal amount called hematuria. If the 1000 ml of urine 1 ml of blood, the naked eye looks like a urine or wash meat samples, which is known as gross hematuria. In urine routine examination, such as in the microscope under a high power field of red blood cells more than 5, or 12 hours urine Ai Di count more than 500,000 red blood cells, and the naked eye can not be called the microscope called hematuria.

Found red urine, the parents do not panic, first of all to distinguish between true hematuria or pseudo hematuria. Some drugs can cause red urine, such as aminopyrine, phenytoin, rifampicin, phenol red, etc .; need to distinguish between true hematuria.

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