The source of allergic rhinitis is in the kidney

There are often allergic rhinitis patients complained to me, "sneezing almost collapsed", "a sneeze incontinence, a runny nose, sneezing, really painful. In my opinion, the above symptoms suggest that you not only allergies, may also be a kidney.

You must be strange, what is the relationship between allergic rhinitis and kidney? < Neijing > said "five for renal disease. As for atchoo less" that sneezing, yawning is kidney problems. From the perspective of modern medicine, the body is able to adapt to changes in the outside world, because there is a self regulating machine and the ability to resist, western medicine is called immune function, TCM believes that this is done by "Wei Qi". Qi is rooted in the kidney, it is distributed in the body, can play the role of evil resist. Many young people when the old start not allergic allergy; good health but sensitive physique the decline began to allergy. This is their ability to resist the resulting decline. So for allergic patients, allergy is only a temporary solution, it is fundamental to improve the resistance from tonifying kidney, Kidney Qi Sheng charge, supplemented from the source, to prevent external evil invasion, to prevent allergies.

Patients with allergic rhinitis, syndrome of kidney yang deficiency in the majority, can generally choose Jinkuishenqi Decoction and mahuangfuzixixin decoction. Few people have kidney yin deficiency, in addition to more than sneezing, sore throat and throat dry nose, nasal itching, red tongue and other symptoms, treatment with zbdhd, plus bellflower, mint, cicada.

Want curing kidney, first should be the law of life, sunrise and sunset. Secondly, to maintain inner stability, exercise for 1 hours every day. The diet, it is recommended to eat yam, walnut, chestnut, black rice waitfilling ingredients. Usually can often rubbing Guanyuan, Qihai, Yongquan, Zusanli acupoint. Conservation of righteousness severe symptoms of rhinitis, can every day on both sides of the nose painted a little moisturizing cream, from the eyebrows to the nose on both sides of the Yintang Yingxiang point and rub, 10 minutes a day, with improvement in lung function, to resist the evils.