How to prevent health care in chronic interstitial nephritis

After once the patient had chronic interstitial nephritis, there must be a positive to treat it, we all know that in the unfortunate event of a chronic interstitial nephritis in daily life only positive health finally, so many patients do not know how to care, active nursing is the most important.

Got chronic interstitial nephritis, patients should be timely treatment, in addition, but also to understand the patients with chronic interstitial nephritis nursing, in order to actively implement the daily life, to assist the treatment. Improper care is also likely to aggravate the disease, so patients should pay more attention.

Experts suggest that the reasonable arrangement of chronic interstitial nephritis patients, the details of life should not be underestimated. Morning, evening to assist the patient face, hair, feet, dining, toilet and personal hygiene. Chronic interstitial nephritis nursing measures including encouraging patients self-care, the pager can reach in patient position. Breathing difficulties, take the semi reclining position, give oxygen. The swallowing ability decreased. Patients should prevent cough out someone to escort, to prevent accidents. Monitoring the changes of blood electrolytes.

In addition, interstitial nephritis how nursing, sleep quality guarantee. Sleep is a normal physiological phenomenon, good sleep can eliminate fatigue, protect the brain, enhance immunity, promote development, good effect of symptoms and other aspects of the content. Otherwise, Qi and blood, absent-minded, confused in mind, memory decline and with the rise of blood pressure, decreased immunity, for patients with kidney disease, night Encore elevated blood pressure, but also not conducive to the heart retreat and recovery.

The expert reminds, interstitial nephritis in nursing in order to ensure a good sleep, bedtime not overeating, drinking lots of water and drink coffee or tea; at the same time should also pay attention to avoid excessive grief. Emotional health, for chronic interstitial nephritis patients with insomnia should be a doctor treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine usually can spare some nerves Yangxin.