How to prevent nephritis, massage these three points, away f

How to prevent nephritis? Glomerulonephritis is a common disease, can occur at any age, and it is difficult to completely cure, always repeated attacks, therefore, the prevention of nephritis is very important. So, how to prevent nephritis? Chinese massage which points away from nephritis?

How to prevent nephritis?

One control diet, avoid excessive intake of acidic substances, exacerbated by acidic. The acid-base balance diet for the treatment and prevention of complications of diabetes is a very important link. The diet should eat organic active alkali rich plant foods, eat less meat, eat more vegetables. The ancient Qamma is rich in plant organic active alkali that can rapidly eliminate acid poison, clear urine acid poisoning, so as to truly protect the kidney.

Two, participate in aerobic exercise, exercise properly, exercise more in the sun, sweating more, can help eliminate excess acidic substances in the body, thereby preventing the occurrence of kidney disease

Three, to maintain a good mood, do not have too much psychological pressure, the pressure will lead to heavy acid deposition, affecting the normal metabolism. Proper regulation of mood and self stress can maintain alkaline physique, thereby preventing nephropathy.

Four, to the law of life, living habits of people, such as karaoke night, playing mahjong, yebuguisu, living without the law, it will increase the physical acidification. Prone to diabetes. We should develop good habits, so as to maintain a weak alkaline, so far from their nephropathy.

Five, away from the smoke, smoke wine, wine is a typical acidic food, uncontrolled drinking and smoking, the body can easily lead to acidification, the kidney can take advantage of.

Six, do not eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry and fish balls, to eat some green organic food, to prevent the Disease enters by the mouth..

Traditional Chinese medicine massage these three points away from nephritis

One, too Creek hole

The original points are an important role in the treatment of visceral acupoint, and Taixi is kidney meridian original point. Generally this point operation, beneficial kidney yin, regulating Chongren, effect of clearing heat. So the virtual massage not only can cure sexual dysfunction symptoms too, in the prevention of kidney qi deficiency, deficiency of semen less, after sexual intercourse, penile pain etc. have a certain effect. Taixi position between the medial malleolus and the Achilles tendon in the depression, can flush the medial malleolus. Treatment of kidney disease.

When taking a massage, take the sitting type and use the thumb and index finger to hold the acupuncture point for kneading. The intensity is required to be gentle and the time is 2 minutes. This is for twisting or putting the thumb on the acupuncture point and then lifting it until you can barely stand it for about half a minute

Two Yongquan point

Located in the heart of plantar Yongquan, before 1/3 at the foot of the flexor, depression is Zhishi. This is the main point of foot Shaoyin, was nearly called "longevity point", because often massage, increase lean marrow, kidney yang, the role of strong gluten. The kidney and Yaoxisuanruan, hard, memory function and vibration attenuation, not hair off deafness, tooth pain, throat and other symptoms can often prematurely senile, massage.

Massage, every night before going to bed, sitting cross legged, Zuxin. Respectively or bilateral Yongquan flexor massage pressure points with both hands, pressing the point to efforts to have acid bilges feeling as good. Every time 50 ~ 00 L, such as long-term adherence, good Bushenqiangshen effect. Do people not to double cross legged single disc, legs, massage and acupressure Zuxin one by one.

Three, the middle pole

In the very three yin meridians of the foot and the intersection point in the channel, point operation, through regulating Chongren, clearing the bladder. Commonly used in the treatment of impotence, spermatorrhea, enuresis, hernia, dysuria, frequent micturition, stranguria, small abdominal pain, vaginal discharge, bleeding and other diseases. In the polar hole position in the abdomen the middle joint 1 inches above the pubis, namely Guanyuan and pubic symphysis. Treatment of nephropathy effectively.

When massaging, supine or sitting can be. With means by point, angle and surface into a 45 degree angle, fingers pointing to the coccyx, according to ache with rubbing speed slow, time 2 minutes, this is the massage or refers to the surface of the rib in a hole on the circular motorlife and faster, with the hot degree, time is 3 minutes.