How to prevent nephritis in daily life?

How to prevent nephritis? Many patients for the prevention methods are not fully understood. Nephritis of great harm, even in life if the patient's body without any conditions, we should prevent nephropathy, God of failure are very harmful to the body, easily lead to many complications. The correct treatment can make our the body will soon be restored to health. Preventive measures for the following detailed description of nephritis.

How to prevent nephritis?

1, we should actively treat primary diseases and actively treat various kinds of diseases such as acute or chronic glomerulonephritis, lupus nephritis, purpura nephritis or possibly kidney involvement, such as hypertension and diabetes, so as to prevent the occurrence of chronic renal failure

2, drugs, to avoid or eliminate some of the risk factors used are toxic to the kidney of serious infection, dehydration, urinary tract obstruction (such as stones, prostate hypertrophy), trauma and other factors, often make the original kidney disease, deterioration of renal function, the renal failure happened. In fact, often, with diagnosis of high quality, can reduce or avoid the occurrence of these risk factors, or be found and corrected.

3, reasonable diet and low protein, low phosphorus and low fat diet, protecting renal function of chronic kidney disease has been confirmed. The clinical laboratory and stressed that in order to prevent chronic renal failure, blood creatinine in 159.1 mol / L when protein intake should be limited.

4, the application of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors can not only control systemic hypertension, and can correct the glomerular hypertransfusion, high filtration state, can delay the occurrence of nephritis. The clinical commonly used drugs for Kato Pury, Lotensin and lisinopril etc.

This article through the experts for the prevention of nephritis, nephritis of your precautions have to understand. I hope for your help. In addition, inpidual illness still needs to combine their own actual situation. Any disease to do early prevention, early detection, early treatment, is the maintenance of health is essential.