How to prevent nephritis in hot summer?

The kidney is an important organ regulating body water balance, the excretion of harmful substances and excess water is the "sewer". If kidney disease, it will directly affect the health, and this summer, also a lot of nephritis factors, how to prevent?

First, cold causes acute nephritis

Occurrence of acute nephritis and human streptococcal infection is directly related to the hot summer weather. The air pressure is low, the resistance will drop, easy to cause the upper respiratory tract infection, which is an important factor leading to the onset of acute nephritis. In general, 80% patients with acute nephritis, as long as the timely medical treatment, and actively cooperate with medical treatment. Can all live in peace. But if you live in the river water pollution, piles of garbage, the dusty environment, we should pay special attention to the surrounding environment and personal hygiene, in self-defense because of insect bites caused by bacterial infection, infection for acute nephritis acute nephritis swoop. If fierce also may develop into acute renal failure, even life is in danger.

Two lupus erythematosus causes lupus nephritis

Lupus nephritis, in the summer because of the strong ultraviolet radiation occur easily, even if you don't have a history of lupus, is also very easy at this time of infection and attack. There are people in the history of lupus, the sick cells more easily, will aggravate the disease caused by or relapse.

In particular lupus nephritis is more common in women, this is because the endocrine structure caused by the unique female. So the young women in the summer, especially to avoid systemic lupus erythematosus induced by factors such as the sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) and easy to cause drug lupus erythematosus. Therefore, there are systemic lupus nephritis with the summer try not to go out.

Three, diabetes causes nephritis

Summer eating plenty of fruits, drinks easily lead to excessive intake of sugar in patients with diabetes, and diabetes caused by elevated blood sugar. In the summer sweating, can cause diabetic ketoacidosis or nonketotic deep coma, even renal failure. So diabetes patients in the summer must pay attention to control the sugar in the diet, maintain normal drinking water the amount of daily, to replenish the sweat, prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon.

Four, urinary tract infection caused nephritis

Summer people all love swimming and other water activities, but the flow in the pool of people and water source, it is easy to put bacteria into people's urethra, cause infection, leading to the occurrence of nephritis. Especially women, because of the special physiological structure, resulting in the probability of retrograde infection is large. So the friend to love swimming note that is not available in the leisure activity in water, but can not go to the dirty river, river swimming.

Summer life needs attention:

1, to avoid high fat diet and plenty of protein diet for patients with impaired renal function is not only to limit the amount of protein, but also eat beans, soy and other high protein content of plant food and animal offal.

2, for the short term due to edema, edema subsided after water restriction, but except if nocturia, urination after drinking water may be appropriate.

3, patients with renal hypertension have the best blood pressure gauge, and regularly monitor and record the blood pressure in the morning, middle, late and before taking the medicine for medical reference

4, chronic kidney disease due to poor resistance, this season, in particular, to prevent hot colds, enteritis and so on

5, when the skin itch, try not to scratch, and can be applied with some topical drugs, to prevent infection

6, we must do a good job of personal hygiene, often change underwear

7, no matter how physically you feel, it is best to review it every six months to one year