Man how to prevent nephritis

The kidney is a fist sized organ, plays an important role in sustaining life. Through the renal elimination of wastes and excess liquid to purify the blood, to maintain the balance of chemical elements in the body, regulating blood pressure, plays an important role in maintaining human health. As one of the most common diseases of the kidney, nephritis, harm to human body health is very important. According to incomplete statistics, nephritis in China the prevalence rate is 2% ~ 4%, the number of patients more. Due to the development and progression of kidney disease, per million people per year in about 96 to 100 people died of renal failure. Thus, in the daily life of kidney health is cannot be ignored.

Symptoms of nephritis

Edema: often with the eyelid start, and then double lower limbs, the weight of patients with systemic edema, and even chest, peritoneal effusion

Hypertension: General nephropathy develops to a certain degree of hypertension, a few patients in early hypertensive nephropathy; and primary hypertension induced nephropathy was first caused by hypertension after renal damage, so with a long time to regularly check the renal hypertension.

The reason is: some anemia caused by blood loss is more hematuria; due to kidney damage and affect the erythropoietin secretion lead to anemia. Patients often appear sallow complexion, body weakness, dry hair and other symptoms.

Low back pain: pain or pain in the lumbar region, kidney stones can be colic

Micturition is not normal: bubble in the urine increases apparently, or uric color is aglow, cloudy, frequent micturition, urgent micturition, diuresis, oliguria or without urine

All of the above symptoms need to be treated in time. However, a considerable number of patients with kidney disease do not have any symptoms. They only show weakness of the limbs, dizziness and lumbar soreness, which should be paid more attention to at this time

Nephritis prevention

Exercise. A major cause of nephritis is infection, especially Streptococcus infection. Therefore, the best way to prevent nephritis is strengthen physical exercise, enhance the body's resistance to disease, to reduce the upper respiratory tract infection, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and other diseases.

Control of blood glucose and blood pressure. The patients with diabetes and hypertension is increasing year by year, the disease is easily caused by concurrent nephritis, uremia. Therefore, usually must develop good habits, get rid of bad habits such as smoking drinking, regular health examination, early detection of diabetes and hypertension, effectively control blood glucose and blood pressure.

The rational use of drugs. With the accelerated pace of life and the improvement of the cultural quality, some people suffering from minor ailments, often do not seek medical treatment, but to the pharmacy in the case of a pharmacological medication overdose, but drug therapy, it also have adverse reactions. Most of the drug the medicine is after liver detoxification, after excretion by the kidneys, the kidneys and liver to body organs susceptible to poisoning, susceptible to damage. Therefore, once sick, must be correct and reasonable use of drugs under the guidance of a doctor, reduce drug-induced nephritis occurs.

The above is how to prevent nephritis of some of the little knowledge, we do in accordance with this, on their own body is still very helpful, so that health accompanied by everyone