How to prevent acute nephritis

Acute pyelonephritis is an acute infectious disease of the renal pelvis mucosa and renal parenchyma. It is mainly caused by Escherichia coli infection, and also caused by Proteus, Staphylococcus, fecal streptococci and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Because of not fully mature kidney of acute pyelonephritis can cause scarring, renal atrophy and renal function damage, so the urinary tract infection in infants should be paid more attention and given full treatment. Patients with malformation of the urinary system prone to urinary tract infection and other complications of the patients, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of urinary system, and correction urinary tract deformity occurred, re infection prone patients, must be careful follow-up and long-term oral antibiotics to prevent infection. Although adult patients without urinary tract malformation or renal disease rarely due to acute pyelonephritis incidence of persistent renal damage, but also a serious illness or even death. You must carefully evaluate and eliminate the adverse factors induced by infection or disease the complex of persistent infection. Or the rapid emergence of re infection prone patients, to long-term antibiotic treatment.