Women how to prevent nephritis

Glomerulonephritis is the most common one, for women suffering from nephritis nephritis. Also There are plenty of people who can be pided into primary and secondary two classes, or can be pided into acute and chronic two. No matter what type of nephritis, the patient's physical and mental health has brought great harm so why suffer from nephritis? How to prevent nephritis in life?

70% of patients with nephritis related to overwork

According to reports, a clinical survey shows that about 70% of the patients with nephritis morbidity and long-term overwork. This is because people in the state of fatigue, coupled with work, mental tension, easy to cause the body resistance drops, causing bacteria, virus infection, cause dizziness, acute glomerulonephritis, eyelid or edema of lower limbs. Lumbago, urinary foam increased symptoms. Unfortunately, the performance is not easy to arouse people's attention, a lot of people think the recent burnout, as long as the proper rest will be eased, until the emergence of severe edema, hematuria, hypertension and other symptoms before the rush medical treatment.

It is important to note that most of the acute nephritis in cough, sore throat or one to two weeks after infection of the upper respiratory tract Neicai disease, and patients with different initial symptoms of varying severity, is often ignored. Coupled with the incidence of occult nephritis, especially early without typical symptoms, the majority only show fatigue of the body, a lot of patients are often mistaken for work too tired due to physical discomfort, and ignored the physical examination, when the symptom is obvious, it is too late.

Six strokes to prevent nephritis

First, the control diet, avoid excessive intake of acidic substances, exacerbated by acidic. The acid-base balance diet for the treatment and prevention of complications of diabetes is a very important link. The diet should eat organic active alkali rich plant foods, eat less meat, eat more vegetables.

Second, participate in aerobic exercise, exercise properly, exercise more in the sun, sweating more, can help eliminate excess acidic substances in the body, thereby preventing the occurrence of kidney disease

Third, to maintain a good mood, do not have too much psychological pressure, the pressure will lead to heavy acid deposition, affecting the normal metabolism. Proper regulation of mood and self stress can maintain alkaline physique, thereby preventing nephropathy.

Fourth, life to rule, habits and customs of irregular people, such as singing all night long, Cara, OK, playing mahjong, night, and other irregular life, will exacerbate the physical acidification

Fifth, away from the smoke, smoke wine, wine is a typical acidic food, uncontrolled drinking and smoking, the body can easily lead to acidification, making tea for drink nephropathy can take advantage of. In addition to regulating human balance mechanism to improve the prevention and treatment of nephritis and in daily life, anti inflammation and anti bacteria, detoxification, enhance human immunity this kind of herbal tea. There are honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, Cordyceps.

Sixth, do not eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry and fish balls, to eat some green organic food, to prevent the Disease enters by the mouth..