Melanoma metastasis to the kidney

Melanoma is a common malignant tumor, with the increasing incidence of the disease, more and more patients suffering from melanoma. Melanoma early treatment difficulty is relatively low, many patients are able to achieve rehabilitation treatment through the reasonable and normal, but if the patient is not timely and effective treatment, with the development of the disease is prone to metastasis, especially the metastasis of cancer cells into the kidney, cause treatment becomes more difficult, recovery rate of the patients is relatively low. Therefore, it is very important to understand the symptoms of renal metastasis of melanoma and do a good job of prevention as soon as possible. So, what are the symptoms of melanoma metastasis to the kidney? Let's get together!
Melanoma metastasis to the kidney symptoms are mainly the following:
(1) superficial spreading type: the most common, accounting for about 70%. Good hair at the age of 50 or so, women more often in the limbs, male hair in the trunk. The degree of malignancy is between freckle type and nodular type. Early brown, brown, blue, or black, most of which rose red or pink, with serrated edges and a loss of skin texture. The radiation growth period lasted for 1 to 12 years, and the incidence of lymph node metastasis in this period was less than 5%.
(2) freckle type: accounting for 10% to 15%, the type of the lowest degree of malignancy in a type of four. Good hair in the head, neck, hands and other exposed parts, more common in 60 ~ 70 years old, women often see. The clinical manifestations of large, flat or slightly higher than the leather brown yellow or brown lesions. When the radiation growth was accompanied by vertical growth, the local focal bulge, the color is still brown, lymph node metastasis rate of about 25%.
(3) nodular type: the highest degree of malignancy in type 1, accounting for about 12%, good at around the age of 50, the ratio of male to female was 2: 1, good at the back. Is grey with pink color clinical nodules, when the lesions continue to grow its color to blue black, purple black jam like dome shaped or polypoid mass, the vertical growth is the only way of growth, rapid progression, generally for several months to 1 years, and the earlier occurrence of ulcer and lymph node metastasis. The prognosis is poor.
(4): primary melanoma samples of acral pigmentation in the palm of your hand, foot and nail, lesions of radial growth of brown, brown or black as, if not higher than the skin in a visible under irregular brown or tan stripes extend from the nail bed to the proximal, radiation growth period lasting 1 years or so, not timely processing into the vertical growth phase lesions showed nodular protrusion, lymph node metastasis rate also increases, the prognosis is poor.
When the above symptoms appear, patients should be promptly to the regular hospital treatment is correct and reasonable, inhibition of disease continue to develop, improve the symptoms, the patient's quality of life and survival time can be improved to a large extent. For patients with metastatic melanoma, the most concerned about is the rational treatment of the regular hospital. At present, to the treatment of melanoma patients with metastatic renal hospital is very much, but he Zhengzhou Tumor Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine using TCM triple balance therapy for many cancer patients to rehabilitation of hope, even in patients with severe disease which the development of late, by the same therapy treatment can effectively prolong life, improve the quality of life, and even to achieve long-term survival.