How to remove the kidney toxin

The main function of the kidney, is to remove nitrite products from the body, excretion of lymph, blood and tissue fluid of toxins and harmful inorganic salts, maintain body acid-base balance, maintain the stability of the body's internal environment.
A day, the kidneys to filter about 150 liters of blood. If the garbage and toxin carrying E. in blood with no blood circulation to the liver after liver was fully resolved and removed, then the kidney becomes third e. "victim" and "the first victim of the liver". "Dirty blood" a large number of long-term renal blood flow, the filter function will be overwhelmed, resulting in kidney function degradation, the whole body will be deposited nitrite and other substances can not be absorbed by inorganic salts, extracellular water is not the normal regulation, people will appear edema, acid-base balance has been damaged.
1 drinking water to remove the kidney waste
The accumulated waste may be linked together to form kidney stones, most of which are made up of waste that is attached to important organs. Want to break down and remove these toxins, drinking water is a very effective method of detoxification. Drinking water has become a part of human blood, it waste removal, cleaning, kidney detoxification, as nephridia. Water can dilute the clots that stick together, which can cause kidney stones. Drinking fresh water every day can regulate body temperature, lubricate joints and muscles, promote digestion, and remove waste from the kidneys and the entire body.
2 detoxification liquid health care law
Fresh fruit and vegetable juice is a good source of liquid detoxification. Moreover, plant foods contain natural water and healthy nutrients, herbal tea and salt free soup can detox from the kidney system through rich liquid. Kiwi fruit juice is an excellent source of vitamin C, and contains a natural acid that can be dissolved in the kidney and is known to dissolve it in vitro. Drinking 2 to 3 cups of juice a day can dissolve stones. If the juice is too sour, add a little honey. Vitamin C and acid salt decomposition of oxalate crystals, but also to speed up moving them through the waste pipe, this is a young, make human body health care.
3 Vegetable & Fruit waste out of the kidney
The kidney is an important organ of the human body detoxification, it filters the toxins in the blood and the waste generated by the decomposition of protein, excreted through the urine. Cucumber, cherry Vegetable & Fruit contribute to kidney detoxification. The diuretic effect of the cucumber can clean the urethra, helps the kidneys excrete toxins from the urinary system. Cucumber contains the gourd, cucumber acid can also help the lungs, stomach, liver detoxification. Cherry is a valuable natural medicine to help the kidneys detoxification, at the same time, it also has a mild laxative effect.
4 vitamin B6 detoxification
Vitamin B6 can control the body of oxalate production, promote a waste removal function. It exists in the whole wheat bread, Cereals, nuts, potatoes and other food, also exist in poultry meat and liver.
5 eat less protein detoxification
Too much protein can increase the acidity of the urine, but also increase the urinary purine factor, may lead to the formation of stones in the urinary system. Protein is the main component of human tissue, body protein content accounted for the total solid content of 45% of the human body, all tissues of the human body are composed of protein, has many important physiological effects of substances without the participation of proteins can play a role. Protein can also make the body to the outside world to maintain a high degree of resistance to some of the harmful factors, some of the antibody form Chengdu and protein. Therefore, protein is the form of life existence and the material basis of life. But some people have some misunderstandings in eating habits, often eat high protein meat, do not eat or eat staple food. That is to say, protein intake is very high, but due to the lack of food caused by insufficient heat, then the body will use the protein to generate heat, but this is not a waste, but also increase the burden on the kidneys, blood creatinine and uric acid increased. Therefore, do not think that high protein nutrition, do not think that a large number of days to eat meat body will be good.