Suffering from nephritis can eat hot pot

Nephropathy patients can eat Hot pot? Many friends love eating barbecue or drink beer while Hot pot summer, feel very comfortable. But to eat hot pot for a friend who is not allowed to kidney disease, this diet will only aggravate the condition. Why kidney disease patients can not eat hot pot?
Although the cold Hot pot, but Hot pot in a variety of meat and fish and soy products and other foods are high protein and high purine foods, and cooked for a long time the purine content is very high - Hot pot broth, which can lead to increased nitrogen containing substances in blood uric acid content increased significantly, not good for people especially for renal function that will aggravate the condition, can also aggravate high blood pressure.
In addition, a large number of Hot pot sauce contains salt and seasoning flavor, also disadvantageous in patients with nephropathy. Kidney disease patients may be appropriate to eat Hot pot in stable condition, but must choose the right and bottom ingredients -- the choice of light soup. Hot pot soup or optional mushroom soup Hot pot, to ensure a low salt diet. High fat Hot pot spicy soup on gastrointestinal and kidney damage, with renal disease who do not pursue a pleasure and trouble.
1, eat more vegetables. Kidney disease patients to strictly limit the intake of protein foods.
2, to have control. Eating too much can aggravate kidney disease. Where the condition of sudden progress, it is advisable to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
3, quit smoking wine. Drinking will affect the body's nitrogen balance, increase the decomposition of protein, increase the blood urea nitrogen content, which is bound to increase the burden on the kidneys. Smoking can lead to high blood pressure, increased lipid metabolism disorders, these factors can cause deterioration of the kidney, kidney damage.
Nephritis is best not eat Hot pot, because Hot pot are very spicy, spicy degree is the highest, and Hot pot used cooking oil is not clean, not health, eat Hot pot in such circumstances it is very easy for the body to bring a lot of bad phenomenon, nephritis patients in the end can not eat Hot pot to see patients, the recovery effect, if the disease is not serious, can not eat, it is best to eat the Hot pot soup.