The harm of chronic pyelonephritis

Description of the disease:

What is the harm of chronic pyelonephritis? How to treat pyelonephritis? Western medicine or Chinese medicine is better?

The illness analyses: the treatment way is according to the development stage of the disease. Although, sometimes the doctor needs surgery for pediatric patients, to correct the bladder malfunction valve mechanism, but this kind of surgery are not necessarily applicable for adult patients, if repeated infection is due to kidney stones and other reasons, as long as remove the causes can make chronic pyelonephritis subsided. In addition, the doctor may give patients taking antibiotics.

Guidance: during treatment of hematuria, pyuria and bacteriuria disappear at the same time, improve renal blood supply, repair scar formation. Making epithelial cells of pelvis, calyces of bladder and urethral rapid growth. Repair the scar by chronic inflammation. Restore normal function, this is really the radical guarantee in patients with chronic urinary tract infection.