Dietary knowledge of polycystic kidney disease

In fact, there are many knowledge about polycystic kidney disease, for polycystic kidney disease, if we can not better understand, will cause more pain, in fact, our understanding of the polycystic kidney disease also need from the angle of disease treatment and care to understand.

1, salt intake restrictions: according to the patient's condition and the extent of renal dysfunction control of salt, but not all chronic renal failure patients should strictly limit the salt.

2, water intake: pure polycystic kidney, the renal function of concentration decreased, metabolic products need more water can be discharged from the kidneys, so simple polycystic kidney patients without obvious edema, heart failure, hypertension, should not blindly limit water.

3, protein control: modern medicine believes that protein intake is too low or too much, no benefit to the kidneys. Especially large intake of protein, can produce metabolites, such as renal insufficiency, sepsis toxin, guanidine, urea and creatinine of polyamines and some middle molecular substances are basically qualitative nitrogen metabolites. Controlling protein plays an important role in reducing the burden of the kidney, reducing the end stage renal dysfunction, producing toxic toxins and relieving the disease.

The above is diet knowledge about polycystic kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease  patients diet according to the actual situation of their diet, do not blindly diet, if you have any other polycystic kidney diet knowledge related, you can consult our online experts, experts will be based on the actual condition of our patients are the most professional guide.