The Average Life Expectancy of People with Polycystic Kidney

As a common disease, if not timely treatment of renal cyst has great harm, serious will threaten life. Therefore, suffering from renal cyst need timely treatment. The renal cyst is disease harm is relatively large, so a lot of people think it is normal treatment, it may also not very good the treatment effect, so there is still a life-threatening hazard, and then the renal cyst can live long question. Then, renal cyst can live long? It needs to see whether patients receive effective treatment.

How long can kidney cyst live?

Kidney cyst can live long, mainly depends on the severity and its complications are serious. If proteinuria, complications such as hypertension that is more serious, if mild symptoms are generally not life-threatening. Renal cyst as long as they do not continue to grow, not seriously affect the renal function, generally does not affect the life of the generally speaking, if the patients with renal cyst treated properly is sick of healthy living, the life is not affected.

But generally speaking, patients with age, cyst will gradually increase, in this period, if not effectively controlled, renal cyst will continue to increase, compression of the surrounding renal function will cause the unit can cause kidney damage, hypoxia ischemia, hypertension, renal insufficiency and uremia. When the cyst rupture, can cause infection and bleeding recommended early treatment.

Simple renal cyst is the most common pathological abnormalities, first in cystic renal diseases. Renal cyst laparoscopic surgery mostly adopt puncture treatment or puncture. After the treatment of simple cyst has 40 years of history, have been found to have a temporary effect. The recurrence rate was 30% ~ 70%, currently does not advocate as main treatment.

A renal cyst can live long? It is that we can live long introduction to kidney cyst. I believe you understand the renal cyst help. Now treatment of renal cyst is many, so patients should pay attention to the choice of treatment methods, appropriate treatment, can cure renal cyst, can bring happiness for patients with renal cyst.