What is the PKD life expectancy

As a common disease, if not timely treatment of renal cyst has great harm, serious will threaten life. Therefore, suffering from renal cyst need timely treatment. The renal cyst is disease harm is relatively large, so a lot of people think it is normal treatment, it may also not very good the treatment effect, so there is still a life-threatening hazard, and then the renal cyst can live long question. Then, renal cyst can live long? It needs to see whether patients receive effective treatment.

1 renal cysts as a common disease with high incidence, so the treatment technology is relatively mature. So, after the illness only to a regular hospital for treatment, usually can obtain good therapeutic effect. At present, the main treatment of renal cyst with drug treatment and minimally invasive surgical treatment, only to the cause of disease treatment effect is very good.

2 however, some patients received treatment, and did not get a very good therapeutic effect, the child is generally the time and the way there is a problem. If it is found that the disease in the early, and standard treatment for renal cyst will quickly shrink or disappear from the physiological function of this kidney can be restored to normal.

3 of course, treatment of traditional Chinese medicine also has a certain therapeutic effect for renal cyst, but the traditional Chinese medicine treatment cycle is long, the treatment effect and slow, it is not suitable for early treatment. However, the adverse reaction of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and does not have drug dependence and other hazards, so it is a good treatment.

4 conditioning diet, for renal cyst patients is very important, because the control diet, can help treat, and to delay the disease control effect. The conditioning diet is the amount of water, salt intake control. In addition, pay attention to develop good habits, not excessive physical labor and strenuous exercise.

The diet of patients with renal failure is the principle of light diet, rich in nutrition, so in the diet must not eat pickled food, do not eat prawns, crabs and other food. In addition, patients need to quit smoking and drinking, and maintain an optimistic attitude.