Nursing measures for patients with chronic renal failure

The kidney plays a very important role in our human body. The kidney can help us to balance the body fluid and balance the electrolyte. But in real life, many friends have been busy work, so the body does not pay attention to the following to give you a specific explanation of the therapeutic effect of chronic renal failure.
(1) to high calorie intake, vitamins and trace elements are the key points of diet therapy of chronic renal failure, in general, high calorie diet can make full use of the dietary protein nitrogen, reduce the decomposition of protein and calories per day per kilogram of body weight is about 122.5kj, lean or obese should adjust. Edible vegetable oil, margarine and sugar. Note that vitamin B, vitamin C and folic acid are added to water soluble vitamins, and calcium, iron and zinc are added according to the condition.
(2) the diet therapy of chronic renal failure can also adopt the high quality low protein diet, and the high quality protein refers to the food containing essential amino acid (EAA). Such as eggs, lean meat, fish and milk. Restriction of protein intake can improve uremia symptoms. Protein is too small and easy to malnutrition, protein pool depletion and low immunity. 0.6g protein intake in general, according to GFR, when GFR is 10 20mL/min, the intake of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, phosphorus should be less than 750mg.
The above two is to explain for chronic renal failure curative effect, the kidney in our health, play a positive role, once the kidney damage will seriously affect our health, so in patients suffering from chronic renal failure disease, patients must actively take measures, positive treatment, so that to avoid the disease bring greater harm to our body.