Kidney failure to bring seven serious harm to patients

In the kidney, kidney disease serious harm to our health, kidney failure is a kind of disease nephropathy caused great harm to our body, it has been a serious threat to our health, before the comprehensive preventive work, to prevent damage to renal failure. But if you want to effectively prevent, you need to understand the reasons. Here to explain the serious harm of renal failure.
(1) diabetic nephropathy patients with a long course of diabetes, some people may have renal complications, especially in young patients with type I diabetes or proteinuria, which is often the first indication of kidney involvement. Diabetic kidney disease, about half in the 5 years after the occurrence of renal failure, diabetes and other complications, such as reticuloendothelial system, cardiovascular system and nervous system complications can occur at the same time.
(2) polycystic kidney disease is a congenital disorder that can occur in several patients in the same family. The pathological examination showed developmental defects in water filled vesicles. Compression of normal renal tissue. The condition can be long hidden, until 40 to 50 years after the kidney increased, obvious renal function for the diagnosis of polycystic kidney quancai.
(3) severe hypertension can cause renal arteriosclerosis, renal blood flow and renal function damage. Renal artery disease can also be a cause of renal failure.
(4) urinary tract of lower urinary tract obstruction under poor drainage, such as benign prostatic hypertrophy, or some anatomical defects caused by reflux of urine, renal pelvis dilatation, called hydronephrosis, compression of normal kidney tissues and cause renal failure.
(5) severe renal injury caused by other minor common diseases, resulting in chronic renal failure.
Because the human body has a strong compensatory ability, can properly adjust the biological process of the disorder. Sometimes we can see only 10% of patients with normal renal function, still can maintain life.
(6) the immune complex caused by glomerulonephritis can lead to a variety of pathophysiological changes, leading to renal failure. Renal failure may occur in a few months, can also be in a few years, until the serum urea and creatinine increased, reduced to half of the normal renal function, symptoms will appear. Sometimes after a few years, until the dreaded symptoms of uremia, only diagnosed with glomerulonephritis.
(7) interstitial nephritis interstitial nephritis accounted for the incidence of chronic renal failure of the second. Renal tubular atrophy, fibrosis and scarring lead to reduced glomerular blood supply and impaired renal function.
The above seven points are related to explain the serious harm of the expert Du Yu renal failure, we believe that for this disease have certain understanding and the understanding, experts remind friends: if there is renal failure in this disease, we do not have to be too sad, cooperate with the doctor to take timely treatment and care, the disease control in the bud.