Is early renal failure easy to treat?

Renal failure is the development of chronic kidney disease to the late symptoms, the so-called early renal failure is found in the kidney when the lesion occurs, to timely treatment to the hospital. Everyone knows what disease is easier to treat in the early days. Therefore, the proposal if the patient found his kidney discomfort, then go to the hospital as soon as possible to check. Below to explain this issue, together to understand.

The treatment of renal failure has a certain degree of difficulty, but not an incurable disease, early found early treatment, to restore the health of the. Early renal failure is a considerable threat to physical health, must be timely treatment, renal failure is a serious kidney disease, as early as possible to restore health.

First, according to the patient's condition at the stage of reasonable treatment measures. Decompensated renal function should be active treatment of the original disease, protection and prevention of renal damage from other external factors, such as the avoidance of nephrotoxic drug use; renal insufficiency decompensation should prevent or eliminate exacerbating factors, alleviate the symptoms and prevent the progressive deterioration of renal function; chronic renal failure treatment should limit protein intake, correct body water electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders.

Secondly, for the treatment of chronic renal failure now, more dominant than western medicine treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. This is because the western medicine for the treatment of chronic renal failure with hormone therapy and hormone therapy can only temporarily alleviate the disease, side effects, easy to relapse; traditional Chinese medicine is not only obvious effect, no recurrence and no pain, no side effect.