How to care for dialysis patients in daily life?

Many patients with renal disease, once creatinine increased to a certain level, hemodialysis will be recommended, a major drawback of hemodialysis therapy, easy to rely on it. Before we understand if hemodialysis will produce dependence, we need to know about what is dialysis? Hemodialysis is a typical alternative therapy, hemodialysis machine instead of kidney work, although hemodialysis has some implications for alleviating the symptoms and prolonging the survival of patients, but this treatment is equivalent to adding a "kidney machine" to the patient. The original kidney will gradually shrink, wasted when it is not used for a long time, this time many people will have questions, dialysis only once is that okay? In general, dialysis is not recommended for patients with chronic kidney disease because once the dialysis is stopped, the index of creatinine will rapidly rise, resulting in difficulties for the dialysis patient to get rid of dialysis. This is what people call hemodialysis dependence.

How to care for dialysis patients in daily life?

In addition to regular dialysis patients should receive dialysis on time, but also to ensure adequate sleep, develop good living habits and health habits, good routine maintenance. So, how to care for dialysis patients in daily life?

Maintenance knowledge: uremia patients how to take the drug?

Various drugs have their own role, taking a different time and manner, should be taken in accordance with the instructions of the physician. Some meals, some after meals, should be separated so as not to affect the efficacy. Stomach milk tablets and calcium tablets used to reduce phosphorus ions should be crushed and swallowed together with the meal while eating, so as to reduce the effect of phosphorus ions. If swallowed before meals or after meals, there is no effect.

Maintenance knowledge two: uremic patients how to maintain an optimistic attitude?

When the mind and mood is depressed, you can express the feelings of the heart, in order to reduce the emotional pressure inside. Recognition with well-rescued patients and absorption of their experience can increase confidence. To participate in tourism can broaden my mind, to absorb some confidence and expand their own life circle.

Maintenance knowledge three: uremic patients how to take care of arterioles?

Usually touch or stethoscope to check whether the patency. Such as the obvious rustle, water or sound sense of shock. If you find silent, must immediately go to the emergency for treatment. Don't lift weight at ordinary times, do not wear too tight clothes or bandaging too tight, do not place the affected limb under the head. In short, always maintain their own physical and mental pleasure, self-examination of urine, write down the doctor's contact information and contact the hospital, in case of any emergency should immediately contact the doctor.

Long-term maintenance of dialysis can not really solve uremic patients with renal dysfunction, abnormal clinical symptoms and other issues, so the need for basic treatment of uremia patients, so as to gradually repair renal function, and gradually elongated dialysis time, the function of secretory excretion from own kidney. In order to better treat your illness, you should promptly go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, so as to restore health. If you still have something you want to know about the disease, you can click on our online experts, our experts will give you a detailed answer.