Itchy skin may be kidney disease

The phenomenon of body itching may be a precursor to kidney disease, the following to understand the relationship between kidney disease and itching, and which diseases can cause itching phenomenon.

First, the skin itching can be diabetes

Diabetes is associated with the kidneys. Although diabetes mellitus manifests itself only as hyperglycemia, there are many complications. Often lead to the body's kidneys, heart, eyes, blood vessels and nervous system damage. General performance of diabetes will be polydipsia, eat more urine and the body weight loss, fatigue, etc., but there are also obesity. So what is the relationship between diabetes and pruritus?

In fact, most people in diabetic patients have itchy skin problems, and even the phenomenon of skin itching intolerable. Skin itching caused by diabetes will appear swelling, dry, scaling and so on.

Diabetic skin pruritus caused by three reasons:

First, the rise in blood glucose leads to a drop in body resistance, an increase in sugar in the glandular secretions of the skin, providing nutrition to bacteria, fungi and viruses and causing pruritus of infectious skin.

Second, hyperglycemia can also cause nervous system disorders, decreased secretion of sweat glands in the skin, and further itching due to dry skin.

Third, diabetes can also cause renal insufficiency and uremia, and then the skin is easy to itch.

Second, itchy skin may be kidney disease

When your skin is not dry, bacterial infection and itching, and the itching is also a long time, then need to be wary of renal function problems.

Because uremia patients also appear whole body itching intolerable phenomenon, it is because the development of uremia to late uremic toxins will spread to the body, thus stimulating the skin to produce itching phenomenon. Kidney can not excrete urea very well through the urine, but need to be excreted through the skin, while the accumulation of toxins in the body will stimulate the skin, causing unbearable itching phenomenon.

Therefore, when itching phenomenon of pruritus occurs, it requires active treatment to prevent the disease from further aggravating.

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