How to take 24 hours of urine?

Measuring urinoglucosometer 24 hours, has an important reference value for the observation of the disease changes. But whether to keep 24 hours of urine will directly affect its scientific and clinical significance.
(1) specific methods: ① urine on the morning of 8:00 active urination, because this is 8 before the urine, should not be abandoned. ② after 8 o'clock to 8 o'clock in the morning, 24 hours each time the amount of urine, turn all retained in a clean container. ③ 8 o'clock the next day should also take the initiative to urinate, the urine was born before 8, but it must be all left. ④ Take 24 hours of urine collection, tick, remember the total amount. ⑤ will be mixed with 24 hours after the urine to take its 10o ml, sent to test the test.
(2) Note: ① the collection of urine should be placed in a cool place to prevent the invasion of fine invasive, so as not to affect the test results. ② in the hot weather, the urine to put preservatives, so as not to urinate decomposition, fermentation and bacterial reproduction, thus affecting the correctness of the results. ③ It's ideal to keep the urine in the refrigerator.
Urine is the most direct way to check whether or not the patient has kidney disease. If you need further information, consult our online expert. Our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.