Prevention of hematuria

Hematuria is a common symptoms in our lives, many patients with kidney disease will appear hematuria. Normal urine contains very little red blood cells. Without centrifugation of the urine under the microscope in each high power field can have red blood cells 0-2, if more than this number, that is hematuria. How to prevent hematuria then?

1. To avoid strenuous exercise, pay attention to work and rest.

2. hematuria patients should usually develop more drinking water habits. It is best to drink magnetized water.

3. active treatment of urinary tract stones, inflammation and other diseases.

4. should do a good job in rubber, plastics, dyes and other tools in the production of health care, protection work.

5. In normal life can not often make the bladder height filling, should be timely urination, reduce the urine in the bladder to stay too long.

6. quit smoking and drinking, do not eat irritating food, fasting chili, dog meat, donkey meat, horse meat, parsley, onions, raw garlic, spicy and other food.

7. Because hematuria is a not serious symptoms, the patient should not be extremely fear, and patients should communicate, to give patients comfort and explanation, 1000 ml of urine 1-3 ml of blood for the naked eye, not the condition is not serious, Should be timely for regular treatment.

The above is about the prevention of hematuria, if you have symptoms of hematuria, it must go to the hospital for examination, if you need to have a detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts.